Important Documents

Our Submissions to City of Ottawa – August 2021

KGPC Opposition to the ClubLink planning applications and resubmissions (PDF) August 5, 2021

7000 Campeau Drive – Dennis Jacobs third opinion (PDF) August 5, 2021

7000 Campeau Drive – Peer Review for Stormwater Management (PDF) August 5, 2021

7000 Campeau Drive – Environmental Site Assessment (PDF) August 5, 2021

KGPC Letter to Mayor Jim Watson (PDF) August 5, 2021


Appeal of the 40% Agreement Decision

City of Ottawa Factum (PDF) May 14, 2021, 9 MB

ClubLink Factum (PDF) – April 7, 2021, 14 MB

ClubLink Notice of Appeal (PDF) – March 6, 2021


ClubLink and Costs

Decision by Justice Labrosse on Costs – June 16, 2021, (PDF) 500 KB

Cost Submissions of the Intervenor – Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition – April 19, 2021


Judge’s Decision in the Matter of the 40% Agreement

City of Ottawa vs ClubLink Corporation ULC, 2021 ONSC 1298 (PDF) – February 19, 2021


Letters to Minto and Richcraft – February 2021

Letter to Roger Greenberg, Minto Group

Letter to Kris Singhal, Richcraft Homes

Documents related to Clublink’s Planning Application

Report to Planning Committee 26 November 2020 and Council 9 December 2020 from Laurel McCreight, Planner II, Development Review West

Clublink’s Letter in response to to City Planning Department Report – November 25, 2020

Summary of City of Ottawa Technical Comment October 2020 – by Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition (PDF)

City of Ottawa Technical Comments 7000 Campeau – October 2020 (PDF)

Rezoning Second Opinion 7000 Campeau August 2020 (PDF) Prepared by Dennis Jacobs

Overview of the Phase-II Environmental Site-Assessment (Mercury Contamination) (PDF)  by Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition

Resubmission Letter to the City of Ottawa from KGPC – August 31, 2020 (PDF)

Rezoning Original Opinion_7000_Campeau  November 2019 (PDF 1.5 MB) Prepared by Dennis Jacobs

City of Ottawa Technical Comments 7000 Campeau  – January 2020 (PDF)


Letters to the Mayor of the City of Ottawa

Letter to Jim Watson regarding motions to ensure protection of irreplaceable natural resources – November 5 2020 – by Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition (PDF)

Documents related to Contamination of the Golf Course

Characterization of Compost Produced at a Golf Course: Impact of Historic Mercury Accumulations In Putting Green Soil by Daryl McCartney, Yan Zhang & Cynthia Grant, 2013

Kanata Golf Club Environmental Site Assessment – toxic elements, environmental assessment and concerns with re-development by Meg Sears PhD,  Prevent Cancer Now

Court Documents served for matter of the 40% Agreement, February 27, 28 2020.

City of Ottawa Factum (PDF 2.5 MB)

KGPC Application Factum (PDF 260 KB)

ClubLink Factum (PDF 497 KB)

Reply Factum, City of Ottawa (PDF 1.1 MB)

KGPC Reply Factum (PDF 276 KB)

Supplemental Book of Authorities of the Applicant, City of Ottawa (PDF 4.3 MB)

Letter from K. Crain to T. Gitto dated February 21, 2020

Clublink Assumption Agreement