Our Letter to the City of Ottawa

Here is a copy of the opinion letter written by our planning consultant Dennis Jacobs and provided to the City of Ottawa last week. Lots here.




Real Estate Presentation from Our Meeting

At our Community Meeting on November 5, Goeff Gowan made a presentation of the value of home backing on the golf course as well as homes in the surrounding area. You can see it HERE.




Our Make a Difference Campaign

We launched our Make a Difference Campaign on November 5th at our Community meeting, which was attended by more than 600 people. You can make your contribution by cheque or via GoFundMe. Join us today.


Our Community Meeting is on Facebook

You can watch a recording of our November 5th Community Meeting on Facebook. Please follow us so that you will be "in the loop" for all of our upcoming news and plans.



PRESS RELEASE: KGPC Supports Fight Against ClubLink

The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition is deeply disappointed by today’s announcement from ClubLink, Minto Communities and Richcraft Homes that they have submitted a formal application to the City of Ottawa to redevelop the Kanata Golf and Country Club lands.

Upon purchasing this land in 1996, ClubLink signed on to The 40% Agreement.  In doing so, they agreed to share the use of its 70 plus acres with residents of Kanata forever.  The City of Ottawa informed ClubLink in March that they will pursue a decision in court on this important agreement, should ClubLink make a redevelopment application.  The residents of Kanata Lakes, Beaverbrook and neighbourhoods across Kanata North are vehemently opposed to ClubLinks plan and will continue to aid the City’s ongoing efforts.

BREAKING: ClubLink submits controversial application to pave over much of Kanata golf course

ClubLink submitted to city hall Tuesday morning its controversial planning application to redevelop 71 hectares of land at the Kanata Golf and Country Club. The golf company is working with Minto Communities and Richcraft Homes to turn the golf course into a suburban infill neighbourhood. According to the development scheme, 53 per cent of the land would be redeveloped for homes, 20 per cent of the land would be for new roads and 27 per cent would be for green space, parks and ponds.

PRESS RELEASE: Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee Creates Not-For-Profit Corporation

The Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee is making big and important changes.  We’ve created a not-for-profit corporation to provide our Kanata North community and its residents with a focussed and reliable resource to advocate not only for the protection of our green, open and undeveloped spaces today but also their preservation for the future.  We’ve also changed our name to the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition.

Ecology Ottawa invests in Kanata North

Our group was approached by Ecology Ottawa in recent months as they looked for neighbourhood partners to protect natural community spaces, the newest progam in their Living City initiative… Keep Nature in Our Neighbourhoods.   They have been helping us encourage community participation to protect two key open areas in Kanata North – the Kanata Golf Club as shared community open space and the South March Highlands. More >>>

Top 10 Reasons to Protect Our Kanata Greenspace

There are many reasons to protect the green space that makes Kanata an unique community including,  it is part of Teron vision, legal, moral, environmental, recreational, health, legacy. The green space is the reason that many people live in Kanata and it needs us to protect it. More>>


Fact or Myth

There is a a lot of misinformation circulating and some fake news. Check out our assessment of what is true and what is not here.

What a Week Newsletter – November 27, 2019

We encourage you to keep your comments coming.Thank you to those of you who wrote to the City.  The Coalition was copied on over 200 letters and I understand that the City planning department has received hundreds more. Just to clarify, we have confirmed that City planning will accept public comments at anytime in this process.Continue reading