Our Support for the City's Step to Protect Kanata North Greenspace

The Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee, on behalf of the community and the residents of Ottawa, would like to express its support for last Friday’s unanimous decision by the City of Ottawa Finance and Economic Development Committee to approve funding for the legal defence of the 40% Agreement, should ClubLink file an application to redevelop the Kanata Golf and Country Club.

Get Your Lawn Sign Today!

Our first public fundraising and awareness event is the Spring Lawn Sign Campaign. Canvassers will be going door to door across the Beaverbrook and Kanata Lakes communities with lawn sign for sale and gaining community support for the cause. Or your can order your lawn signs right here and show your support for Kanata Greenspace on your street.


About the Kanata Greenspace Defence Fund

The Kanata Greenspace Defence Fund is a community driven reserve fund purposed to protect and defend the green and open spaces originally incorporated into the award-winning community design of Kanata, Ontario. We support community education and projects that help people understand, appreciate and protect the value of urban greenspace and particularly those many areas in and around Kanata and the City of Ottawa. More >>>

Spring Canvas on April 27 and 28

Spring has arrived… and not too soon for some!  We have not been hibernating at the Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee.   Your group of dedicated and committed Kanata North residents and community associations has been busy organizing the fight against the ClubLink redevelopment plans for our greenspace.



City of Ottawa advises ClubLink that they are prepared to take action

On March 14, the City of Ottawa sent a letter to ClubLink Corpoaration regarding their intention to defend the 40% agreement protecting green space in the Kanata Lakes area. You can find a copy of the letter on Councillor Jenna Sudds web site. More>>>


Top 10 Reasons to Protect Our Kanata Greenspace

There are many reasons to protect the green space that makes Kanata an unique community including,  it is part of Teron vision, legal, moral, environmental, recreational, health, legacy. The green space is the reason that many people live in Kanata and it needs us to protect it. More>>


Fact or Myth

There is a a lot of misinformation circulating and some fake news. Check out our assessment of what is true and what is not here.

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