Letter to Roger Greenberg, Chairman, Minto Group

February 23, 2021

Mr.  Roger Greenberg,
Chairman,  Minto Group
Ottawa, ON

Dear Mr. Greenberg,

It has been a good 25 years since we first worked together for the betterment of Nepean’s CityView neighbourhood through the responsible development of the Merivale business corridor.  Today, the topic remains the same – healthy communities.

I write as the Chair of the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition (KGPC) regarding the plan by Minto Communities and Richcraft Homes in partnership with ClubLink Corporation to develop the Kanata Golf Club lands at 7000 Campeau Drive as a subdivision.  As you must be aware, the City of Ottawa’s Planning Committee rejected your development proposal on November 26, 2020, a decision unanimously supported by full City Council on December 9, 2020.

Subsequently, on Friday, February 19, 2021,  Ontario Superior Court Justice Marc Labrosse released his decision on the ClubLink legal challenge to the validity of the 40% Agreement which governs the use of the land.  His decision states, “the 1981 Agreement continues to be a valid and binding contract and ss. 5(4) and 9 are not void as contrary to the rule against perpetuities.”  His decision made clear that these 71 hectares should remain as green recreational and/or naturalized open space accessible to our community and neighbourhoods.

Minto understands the value of accessible green natural spaces to its potential purchasers.  It is front and centre in your current marketing plan for Minto Brookline.  You promote accessible green spaces, parkways and proximity to employment.   Yet, your plan for 7000 Campeau destroys large open urban space while providing no additional community services or amenities for the 1544 proposed homes/units.  With respect Roger, it appears that Minto wants it both ways.

Given that the Ontario Superior Court  and the City have now rejected your development proposal, will you terminate your partnership with ClubLink Corporation to develop 7000 Campeau Drive?  Our community would appreciate your answer to that specific question.



Barbara Ramsay