eNews – More on OLT and Our Upcoming Town Hall

Some of you have been watching the Ontario Land Tribunal hearing (OLT) and sharing your thoughts with us.  To be honest, those thoughts have been quite negative.  It seems everyone is disappointed with what seems to be a superficial approach to determine the contentious and complex issues rooted behind this development proposal. We will host a Virtual Town Hall on February 23rd.Continue reading

eNews – Facts You Need and Our Next Steps

The situation is just not as bleak as media reporting began to sound on Friday.  We’re writing today with a step by step review of where the community really sits after the Court of Appeal decision.  Your team at the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition  (lawyers and all) has been working through the weekend, setting our next steps in motion for the coming week, and reassessing our short and medium term plans given Friday’s decision.Continue reading

eNews – Time for Thanksgiving

While everyone continues to wait for the 40% Agreement decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal, we’re keeping busy on your behalf.   Our experts will work throughout October on their written opinions in advance of the October 29 submission deadline for the January Ontario Land Tribuna (OLT) hearing.Continue reading

eNews – Answers to all Your Questions

We have been holding off on this e-News waiting for something to break free on the legal flank of the ClubLink issue.  Still no news from the Ontario Court of Appeal to derail ClubLink, Minto and Richcraft once and for all.  In the meantime, we need to stay vigilant on their latest push on the planning side and cover other good news too.Continue reading


February 22, 2202

The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition is taking ClubLink Corporation to court, to stop the destruction of 175 acres of green and open space in the heart of the Kanata Lakes and Beaverbrook neighbourhoods.

Today, KGPC lawyers will file a notice of application in Ontario Superior Court to stop the development of the Kanata Golf Course lands.  The application seeks to have the court declare that two Restrictive Covenants are enforceable and thereby limit how the land can be used.

The first, is a Restrictive Covenant about the preservation of Greenspace due to the 40% Principle.  It states that forty percent of the original development area, which includes the golf course and Trillium Woods, remain as greenspace.  The KGPC is taking ClubLink to court to enforce the 40% Principle, as the Ontario Court of Appeal decision only dealt with the City of Ottawa’s ability to have the land conveyed to it.

The second, is a restrictive covenant concerning Stormwater Management that stems from an agreement ClubLink signed when it acquired the Kanata Golf Course lands in November 1996.  It specifically restricts the (re)grading of the land and the altering of its inherent Stormwater Management function.

“We’re asking the court to enforce both Restrictive Covenants and declare that ClubLink’s proposed development breaches one or both of the restrictive covenants.  This would prevent them from proceeding with this development and protect our precious greenspace,” says KGPC Chair Barbara Ramsay.

The KGPC will host a Help Save Our Greenspace virtual town hall on Wednesday, February 23rd at 7pm to update our supporters on the legal and planning aspects of our fight.

Event details and YouTube LiveStream link

KGPC Chair Barbara Ramsay is available for comment.


Contact: KGPC Chair, Barbara Ramsay at 613-725-6595 or chair@ourkanatagreenspace.ca


The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition is a not-for-profit corporation, focused on increasing public awareness about the importance of greenspace preservation.  Our goal is to raise funds and public support for the City of Ottawa efforts to ensure that the 40% Agreement is enforced.