eNews – Bill 23 and other Greenspace Issues

Many of these first-elected members of Council have expressed a high level of interest in the environment (some specifically on trees and greenspace) and we hope it develops into a Council focused on forward-leaning decisions on the City’s approach to climate change resilience and sustainability, and our issue too.Continue reading

eNews – Candidates Talk – Kanata Votes

We’re overwhelmed at the number of requests from you for direction as to where your vote should go to best protect our urban greenspace. We’re flattered that you value the work of the Coalition, the relationships we’ve built across the City, to a degree our ability to keep our fight alive and, ultimately, our opinion. But the best part of living in a Canadian city is democracy; your vote is yours. The Coalition works diligently to remain outcome focused and non-partisan along the way. We hope that our efforts to get the candidates speaking about our issue will provide you with at least some of the information you need to make your choice.
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eNews – Standing Up for our 40% Agreement.   It falls to us.

After a  long wait, we’re back in the Elgin Street Courthouse to continue the defence of our 40 % Agreement and along with it, the protection of our green and open spaces, our neighbourhoods and our community.  The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition remains committed to pressing the point that ClubLink, Minto and Richcraft and other developers seem intent on missing  – communities cannot develop at the expense of their green and open spaces. Continue reading

It’s Election Time – eNews

People have June 2 on their radar and keep reminding us that the number one issue in their minds is greenspace protection and the ClubLink development issue specifically.    That’s not surprising given this quote from Dr. Mark Winfield,  a professor of environmental and urban change at York University, “The 2022 election looms as the most important for Ontario’s environment in modern era, and its impact may echo for generations to come.”Continue reading

eNews – Ottawa Council Unanimously Passes Curry Motion

Our Kanata North Councillor Cathy Curry initiated her first motion at Council and hit it right out of the park!  The motion asks our provincial government to assist in opposing ClubLink’s ongoing legal and planning pursuit of a residential development of the Kanata Golf Club lands and requests an intervention equal in scale to the solution Oakville received for its Glen Abbey problem.   It passed unanimously!
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eNews – It is time to write some letters

Given the gift of Glen Abbey that Minister Steve Clark gave Oakville and its residents last year; given that both the Planning and Municipal Acts have provincial oversight and serious controls, we don’t agree that issue management should be quite so one-sided.  We do hear and agree with your messages –  our Ontario government should do more to help Kanata North keep our community intact. And so, last week the KGPC wrote this letter to MPP Fullerton to explain why we feel she should do more. Continue reading