The City of Ottawa will appeal…

The KGPC is very pleased to report that City legal staff are recommending to City Council an appeal of the October 13, 2023 Labrosse decision on the 40% Agreement (40PA).   Due to the budget implications of this additional legal action, consideration and approval by City Council will be required.  Continue reading

eNews – “A deal is a deal.”

Everyone heard it at The Marshes at Chip In for Greenspace!  Mayor Mark Sutcliffe stopped by before dinner and spent some time with our crowd.  He popped up to the stage and reaffirmed the City’s commitment to our fight to SAVE KANATA’s GREENSPACE and his support for the KGPC.
The Mayor said, “Support the KGPC.  A deal is a deal.  If they do it here they can do it anywhere.”
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eNews – Message from KGPC

It is with great sadness that I’m writing to let you know that Mike Sheppard, beloved husband of KGPC Chair Barbara Ramsay, passed away peacefully on January 18th.  On behalf of the KGPC Board, I want to extend our deepest sympathy to Barbara and family.  May your happy memories of a life well lived give you peace and comfort during this challenging time.
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eNews – Bill 23 and other Greenspace Issues

Many of these first-elected members of Council have expressed a high level of interest in the environment (some specifically on trees and greenspace) and we hope it develops into a Council focused on forward-leaning decisions on the City’s approach to climate change resilience and sustainability, and our issue too.Continue reading

eNews – Candidates Talk – Kanata Votes

We’re overwhelmed at the number of requests from you for direction as to where your vote should go to best protect our urban greenspace. We’re flattered that you value the work of the Coalition, the relationships we’ve built across the City, to a degree our ability to keep our fight alive and, ultimately, our opinion. But the best part of living in a Canadian city is democracy; your vote is yours. The Coalition works diligently to remain outcome focused and non-partisan along the way. We hope that our efforts to get the candidates speaking about our issue will provide you with at least some of the information you need to make your choice.
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