eNews – Some Guidance on LPAT

As we told you last week, the KGPC intends to seek Party status at the LPAT Case Management Conference (CMC) on October 9 and both ClubLink and the City are now aware of this. The September 30 deadline imposed by LPAT for written submissions is coming up next week and we have received lots of calls from residents who are unsure of their best action.   During the week, we have had a chance to consult with our planner Dennis Jacobs from Momentum Planning  and Sylvain Rouleau from WeirFoulds, the lawyer representing us at LPAT.Continue reading

Time to Write Another Letter

The Planning Department at the City is waiting for your comments on the ClubLink July resubmission. Your approach can be similar to last October when you responded to the original development application.  Check the Write to the City tab for help on this issue.  We include some suggestions on approach and some topics you may want to consider that are specific to this resubmission.Continue reading

40% Agreement Hearing is on Hold

This morning, our lawyers received a request from ClubLink’s counsel for an adjournment, due to the sudden death of a very close friend of ClubLink’s lead counsel.  The hearing was scheduled for Wednesday to Friday this week.  The City of Ottawa consented to the request and we instructed our counsel to do the same.Continue reading

A Virtual Hearing for the 40% Agreement?

In March there was discussion across the parties about the possibility of seeking a teleconference to review timing and possible dates in hopes of avoiding a longer delay in scheduling the hearing.   Our lawyers were consulted and we agreed with the City’s team at Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG).  ClubLink disagreed and opposed it.Continue reading