Our September Newsletter

I don’t know about you but I  seem to ask the same question every year… where did the Summer go? We’ve been busy at ourkanatagreenspace.ca and do want to bring you up to date on some changes we’ve made and a new announcement or two! But first off, as always….

The Latest on ClubLink and our Kanata Golf Club Lands

There is no news here.

Councillor Jenna Sudds confirmed last week that there has been no response from ClubLink to the March 2019 letter by City of Ottawa legal staff and their confirmation of the City’s intent to pursue a defence of the 40 Percent Agreement in the courts should ClubLink approach the City with a redevelopment proposal for the golf course lands. Just to clarify, we hear scuttlebutt about our issue already being “in front of the Superior Court”. This has not happened as yet. At this point, it is dependent on ClubLink taking a step towards the City.

We’ll stay on top of this critical issue and continue to remind all for your own peace of mind….“this will be a marathon, not a sprint”.

All the more reason to stay tuned! We’re committed to being a number one resource for you on this matter.

We’re retiring The Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee

In our August newsletter we updated you on organizational issues we were addressing. We also looked at the role of our group moving forward and how we can best be positioned to deliver important and reliable oversight on the issue of greenspace protection for Kanata North. We identified critical services such as our ability to be able to provide our community with legal recourse should it be required in the future and the need to assure all with the confidence that we are providing responsible work and oversight on all matters including financial.

After consultation it was decided that incorporating as a not-for-profit corporation would best meet these needs and provide our community and other stakeholders with the assurance that there is a committed group with staying power prepared to address the very important issues around the preservation of our natural environment in Kanata North for the long term.

Meet the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition (KGPC)…

  • With legal assistance, our Committee has now formed and registered a not-for-profit corporation
  • As of September 16, 2019 we are officially the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition and have replaced the Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee in all of  its functions
  • Uur Board of Directors is comprised of seven volunteer Directors all of whom served on the Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee and are well versed on our issues and work to date.  The following four Officers were elected for varying terms of 2 to 3 years at our first meeting
    • Chair –            Barbara Ramsay 
    • President –     Geoff McGowan
    • Treasurer –    Peter Chapman
    • Secretary –     Karen Noseworthy [not a Director]  
    • Kevin McCarthy, David McNairn, Greg Sim and Tom Thompson are the remaining four Directors.   
  • We will continue to rely on volunteer representatives from across our community and our various Community Associations as well as a committee structure to support and inform the Board. It is a pleasure to work with Sue Dodge, Jen Fyfe, Bob Keyes, Neil Thomson and Lianne Zhou.
  • We will continue to work with and support our elected Kanata North Councillor Jenna Sudds on matters affecting our valued Kanata North natural environment.

And with a drumroll…. our new Name and Logo

Our goals were to select a name that was simple, appropriate and direct as well as develop a logo that truly represented our valuable green and open spaces with pathways connecting us to our lakes and wildlife.

We  hope you feel that we were successful and that you will enjoy seeing them in our future communications.

Interested in helping on Our Events Committee?

  • Jen Fyfe, a Kanata Lakes resident and a very busy mother of two young ones has agreed to Chair our Events Committee.  A big, big thank you Jen!
  • Jen has a wealth of experience in media, communications and event organization and she is planning to develop some events that will both educate and spark interest in and around our issue
  • if you would like to help out by joining the Events Committee, we’d love to hear from you
  • please drop us a line at  events@ourkanatagreenspace.ca

Coming Events

THIS WEEK: Beaverbrook Greenspace Protection Workshop

Our natural spaces are the life-blood of our communities, but all too often they are slated for development without input from local residents.

To help citizens protect their local greenspaces, Ecology Ottawa is hosting a Keep Nature in Our Neighbourhoods workshop and information session in Beaverbrook to discuss how we can work together to protect various vulnerable greenspaces within the community.

The event will comprise an action-oriented panel discussion, breakout groups, family activities, snacks and a tree giveaway.

We hope you can join us!

WHEN:            Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 1pm – 4pm
WHERE:           Earl of March Secondary School (lower foyer)
4 The Parkway,  Kanata

CONTACT:       Ginette · greenspaceprotection@ecologyottawa.ca
As always, we want to thank you one more time for choosing to join us in the fight to protect our green and open spaces and our access to them. It’s what life in Kanata North is all about!

Best wishes for a warm and sunny but colourful autumn in Kanata North!


Barbara Ramsay
Chair,    Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition
T 613-725-6595

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