Important Reading Material

This E-News is later than we planned for some very good reasons… and they are included here for you to read, digest and we hope inspire you to act. 

Important Reading.

The Labour Day weekend is here. A warning of summer’s end.  All the same, we hope you enjoy whatever it has in store for you!   Covid-19 continues to challenge us all and is now confounding so many with decisions about how to return our students safely to school.   We send everyone a wish for smooth waters and safe health going forward.   Remember masks and appropriate space benefit everyone we love.

Labour Day still signals September, a favoured month by your writer for its crisp mornings yet warm days.  Everyone over here at the Coalition has all of our fingers crossed that it will also reward our community with a favourable decision on the 40% Agreement.   It’s already shaping up as we tell you about a special event next Sunday, September 13.  Read more on it below… mark your calendar and we’ll see you there!

This E-News is later than we planned for some very good reasons… and they are included below for you to read, digest and we hope inspire you to act. Let’s get to it!

Letters to the City on the ClubLink Resubmission

The Coalition has kept Dennis Jacobs, our planner from Momentum Planning busy during the month of August.  After a through review of the ClubLink/Minto/Richcraft resubmission, Mr. Jacobs recommends its dismissal to City planning staff in his opinion letter (PDF).  As with his first opinion (PDF) last November, it is very informative and contains a detailed review of the important conflicts between the policies of the Provincial Policy Statements (PPS) and the Ottawa Official Plan (OP) and the proponents request.  We are  grateful for his ongoing support and contribution.

The KGPC itself has sent in two different comments.  The first is a specific review of the Phase II Environmental Site Assessment by Paterson Group dated May, 2020.  This report (PDF) was a response to the issue of site mercury contamination which the Coalition identified last year in response to the initial application.  While the new report in fact confirms broad mercury site contamination which is concerning, the important take away is the protection of public safety.   If left undisturbed, mercury is not of consequence and this is one very important reason why the KGC lands should not be developed.

Our second letter to the City of Ottawa (PDF) is a more granular take on the ClubLink/Minto/Richcraft resubmission. It covers the resubmission broadly, and addresses many important shortcomings.  We relied on many of your comments and criticisms in our letter.   We hope you find it valuable and also uplifting.   There is lots to fight against!

August 31 Comment Deadline has been extended… WRITE NOW!

We were again copied on dozens and dozens of letters from the community to City planning.  We  want to let you know that you can  still send in your comments on the ClubLink/Richcraft/Minto resubmission and the City will continue to accept and consider them.  There is no deadline…but sooner is better than later.    Remember, you can get the details and check out our tips for letter writing and content  on our website.

Free Community Concert featuring … The Tunes in Time Trio!

Rick McGrath, a lover of our Greenspace, and the Tunes in Time Trio welcome you to an afternoon treat!

What a wonderful stop to include on an afternoon walk or cycle.


75 Windeyer Crescent, Kanata Lakes (in the Driveway)


Sunday, September 13 at 2:00pm  (weather permitting)


A free Community Concert featuring tunes you know by Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Seger, Blue Rodeo, Kenny Chesney and Luke Bryan with some others added in.

Bring your mask and a seat and there will be lots of room for social distancing

Remember… donations will be gratefully accepted in our effort to SAVE OUR KANATA GREENSPACE.

See you there!

What’s ahead on our calendar?

Legal Decision on the 40% Agreement. 
We continue to wait patiently and you can expect that we will ensure you see the decision of Judge Labrosse as quickly as we can get it to you.   We’ll provide a full breakdown as well commentary from our legal expert Alyssa Tomkins, at Caza Saikaley.

ClubLink appeal to LPAT.
We saw an uptick in activity this past week with the scheduling of the first step in the process, a Case Management Conference (CMC).  It is scheduled for Friday, October 9 as a virtual meeting with mandatory appearances by  ClubLink and the City of Ottawa in front of the the tribunal.  The KGPC will be present and you can count on us to bring you up to speed as soon as possible afterwards.

Our Events group is working on some other special fundraising events and we will be out to you soon on that.   Thank you for all of your great ideas.

Thank you too for your ongoing support. We encourage you to find time for all of the above reading. We think it will give you confidence that we are in a winnable fight and we must keep going.

Remember, we are better together!
Consider donating today to help the fight alive!

Best wishes always,


Barbara Ramsay
Chair, Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition

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