eNews – Update on 40% Agreement and Our Undinner for Groundhog Day

We need some FUN! Groundhog Day is just around the corner on February 2 … and so we will have an Un-dinner and a movie.

We’re still waiting on the 40 PA…and we’re sure you are too!

It is quite accidental that we write today on the six month anniversary of the close of the 40 PA hearing.   Normally, the judge would be expected to inform the parties involved when a decision hasn’t been rendered within that time frame.  Because Justice Labrosse confirmed with the parties  10 or so days ago that he was moving  to finalize his decision… we expect that his decision is not far off, but we do not have a specific update today.

Groundhog Day Undinner

We need some FUN!   Groundhog Day is just around the corner on February 2 … and some of us continually hope for that signal of an early spring!

The KGPC has the best movie for the day and some fantastic food for an at home movie night to celebrate all things groundhog!

We will be out on February 2 with a favourite Un-Dinner community partner….Aperitivo

Chef Luca and Aperitivo owners Riley and Erica have a wonderful savoury street-eats  menu all lined up for movie night.  You can add a bottle of Sangria or Tempranillo should you choose.   We have a new supporter in Strawberry Blonde Bakery who is supplying our dessert for the evening– Groundhog Day themed of course!

Eventbrite has a complete listing of the menu, details and tickets.   Ticket sales run until January 25.   We can accommodate single ticket purchasers, dietary limitations and allergies.

As usual, we will send out a plating video in advance and provide the link for the movie and our Zoom update for 7pm. We will deliver free of charge between 3pm and 5pm on February 2.  If you prefer, you can pick up your meal at Aperitivo.

For February 2, there is no other movie to watch than Groundhog Day (1993).  Bill Murray does an incredible job as he tries to save his sanity from a never-ending visit by Canada’s favourite groundhog Wiarton Willie’s American cousin,  Punxsutawney Phil.  It is memorable, funny and even offers a great underlying message if you can stop laughing long enough to get it.  Join us!

It will be another great night and the Coalition thanks you in advance for supporting us by joining in on this fundraiser.

Accessible greenspace is moving to the frontline of urban issues. 

The Federation of Citizens’ Associations (FCA), of which the Coalition is a member, is hosting a series of weekend discussions on Saturday morning January 23 and January 30 focussed on the changes in the upcoming Official Plan.  Of particular importance, they have a session specifically dedicated to Greenspaces and their protection and development (January 30 at 9:00am)

Our situation with the Kanata Golf Club, the potential loss of 175 acres of  privately owned but shared greenspace is singular.  However, there is a general view in many communities that access to parkland is diminishing across the City and especially parkland of a size which allows for a choice of activities or exposure to a natural environment.  What will happen with the densification encouraged in existing neighbourhoods with the new Official Plan?  We encourage you to spend an hour or so and participate to help put energy behind our issue on a city wide level.

The meetings are virtual and free of charge and you can see the topics and sign up here.

Update on the upshot of Bill 229 and Ontario’s Environmental Future

Environmental Defence Canada (EDC) has picked up the cause of Ontario’s environment following the passing of Bill 229 in December by the Ontario government which seriously weakened Conservation Authorities while allowing the province to turn its back on science-based planning.   Simultaneously, the government has been making unprecedented use of Minster’s Zoning Order to force through planning decisions without municipal input or public debate.

On Tuesday, January 12, Tim Gray, Executive Director of EDC hosted a webinar with Ontario notables including David Crombie, former Chair of the Greenbelt Council and Anne Bell from Ontario Nature to talk about how Ontario’s environmental future can be protected.  It’s up on YouTube for your viewing.

They dive into what the attacks on the environmental rules mean for our province and our communities and also have an issue-based survey you may be interested in.

Masks will be the rage for a while yet!  

Support the Coalition with a Mask purchase!   We have lawn signs too which we will deliver free of charge.  Place your order online.

We continue to wish that everyone stays safely at home.

Do take in and celebrate our Greenspace…appropriately.   It truly is healing.

We are grateful for your support.

And we hope that we can soon enjoy news from the court… together!


Barbara Ramsay
Chair, Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition (KGPC)
A not-for-profit corporation formed in 2019

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