FCA supports KGPC and our Efforts to Save Designated Greenspace

We are very pleased to report that the Federation of Citizens’ Associations (FCA) passed a motion to support the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition in our fight against the ClubLink redevelopment of the Kanata Golf Club lands.

The motion will be shared by the FCA with all of its community organizations and with the City of Ottawa in particular with two key Standing Committees of City Council- Environment, Water and Waste Management as well as Planning. This is an important step to ensuring our situation is understood across the City by all community organizations and not only in the Kanata area.

Motion: Be it resolved that:

  1. FCA advise the City of Ottawa PIED, Planning Committee and City Council of the need for full consultation with all community associations regarding applications and policy regarding re-zoning of (established) greenspace of any kind – whether currently public or private – for development/intensification.
  2. FCA support instituting a full, city-wide consultation to identify criteria and infrastructure requirements, project goals and parameters, regarding conversion of established community greenspace and develop appropriate zoning provisions that take community character into consideration, prior to proceeding with the approval of any greenspace re-zoning approval.
  3. FCA support the City Legal dept. (and/or Finance and Economic Development Committee) to reject the Kanata Lakes initiative by ClubLink based on the provisions available in the 40% contractual agreement.
  4. FCA oppose any attempt to amend the Official Plan to eliminate protections for greenspace as written into the Greenspace Master plan (section 4.10 of the Official Plan).
  5. FCA support the collection and documentation of the impact and reality of the current Official Plan’s Intensification measures on development and transportation

                                 Carried.  FCA Meeting, February 19, 2020

The KGPC wants to extend our thanks to Neil Thomson, President of the  Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association for all of his effort and great work to get this  important step accomplished.

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