1000 Lawn Signs snapped up in days to protest ClubLink

Beaverbrook and Kanata Lakes streets are awash in SAVE OUR KANATA GREENSPACE lawn signs as the community begins its push back against the ClubLink proposal to redevelop the Kanata Golf Club.

The Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee has been organizing the community since December when ClubLink announced its plan to redevelop the Kanata Golf Course lands. Its door-to-door Spring Lawn Sign campaign kicked off this past weekend with brisk sales.

“Spring finally arrived. Once the ground thawed we blew through 1000 signs in Beaverbrook and Kanata Lakes!” said Geoff McGowan, Co-Chair for Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee. “It is an amazing sight to see and we are just getting started! ” The signs have two secondary messages and many homeowners ordered both. The golf club opened for the season this week and golfers have something to read other than their scorecard as homeowners posted protest signs along their properties facing the golf course.

“Planning began in February but between the delayed spring weather and a late April Easter weekend, we had to wait to get our door-to-door canvas off the ground. And then life got in the way. Many of our volunteers did double duty, sandbagging along the Ottawa River or at their own cottages as well as canvassing in the afternoon and evenings. We are grateful and beyond thrilled with our initial results.“ said Barbara Ramsay, Co-Chair for Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee.

McGowan and Ramsay applaud the direction that the City has taken in recent months on this issue.

“The City moved in the right direction in March with their stated intention to defend the 40 Percent Agreement in court should ClubLink move on its proposal. The residents made life and major investment decisions based on the existence of the 40 Percent Agreement. They have every right to expect the City to defend it. We have full confidence in Councillor Jenna Sudds and her ability to ensure all Councillors at City Hall understand the real issue here. “

The website ourkanatagreenspace.ca is a comprehensive source of information on the background of the issue, the 40 Percent Agreement and is a point of purchase for Lawn Signs for residents wishing to buy a lawn sign or support the campaign.

For information contact
Barbara Ramsay
Chair, Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee

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