The 40% Agreement is Valid!

The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition is overjoyed by Ontario Superior Court Justice Marc Labrosse’s decision to uphold the 40% Agreement.  His decision states, “The 1981 Agreement continues to be a valid and binding contract and ss. 5(4) and 9 are not void as contrary to the rule against perpetuities.” As well, he concludes that should the land be turned over to the City of Ottawa at some point, it can be used for park and recreational purposes beyond a golf course. More >>>

Video of Golf lands showing Issues

Planning committee rejects Kanata golf course redevelopment

Councillors vote 7-1 against ClubLink's 1,500-home subdivision at Kanata Golf and Country Club. City staff rarely recommend the committee reject a development, but called ClubLink's proposal to build 1,544 homes with developers Richcraft and Minto "premature." The KGPC wants to celebrate and thank all of the community members who made such thoughtful presentations. Listening to the rationale of Councillor Leiper .. it is obvious our fight is not over.  The Planning Committee decision will go to Council on December 9. More >>>

City staff reject proposed changes to Kanata Golf and Country Club

Our Chair, Barbara Ramsay, talks to  CTV News Ottawa about the recommendation of City staff to Ottawa Council to reject a plan submitted by ClubLink to build a subdivision at the site of the Kanata Golf and Country Club. More...


The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition is pleased that the City of Ottawa Planning Department has soundly rejected ClubLink, Minto Communities and Richcraft Homes application to develop the Kanata Golf Club lands.  The staff report will be presented to the City Planning Committee on Nov. 26th.   It states that “Council endorse the position that the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal not approve the Draft Plan of Subdivision for 7000 Campeau Drive.” More...



The Message in Loud and Clear; but Developers are not Listening

It’s time developers. like Minto and Richcraft realize that people want urban green spaces, not more concrete. It's not just about stopping Clublink; it's about saving GREENSPACE. The City of Ottawa Official plan should protect greenspace. Our Op-Ed on Greenspace 


The Importance Of Liveable Neighbourhoods

The Coronavirus has reminded us how important liveable neighbourhoods are for our well being. In Kanata North, we’re fortunate to have paths, trails, parks, wildlife and a great deal of green and open space, while downtown residents are searching for safe spots to walk 2 metres apart.  Kanata Lakes and Beaverbrook were designed by visionary Bill Teron with green space top of mind. That’s why we have the 40% Agreement.

ClubLink misrepresents the Facts

We write to ClubLink to correct the misrepresentation of the facts in their March 9th letter to City Councillor Jenna Sudds which they shared on the web site.  They claimed that the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition did not respond to their invitation to meet. This is FALSE. Read our letter.


We did some Fact Checking

On the Kanatapossibilities web site there is a process which ClubLink has prepared which misrepresents the facts.


Terry Matthews says, "Greenspace, it is like a magnet."

Tech titan Terry Matthews talks to CTV Ottawa from the ForeverGreen Gala at the Brookstreet Hotel last night talking about the importance of Greenspace in the Nation's Capital. This is why Terry Matthews lives in Kanata. More.




Real Estate Presentation from Our Meeting

At our Community Meeting on November 5, Goeff Gowan made a presentation of the value of home backing on the golf course as well as homes in the surrounding area. You can see it HERE.




BREAKING: ClubLink submits controversial application to pave over much of Kanata golf course

ClubLink submitted to city hall Tuesday morning its controversial planning application to redevelop 71 hectares of land at the Kanata Golf and Country Club. The golf company is working with Minto Communities and Richcraft Homes to turn the golf course into a suburban infill neighbourhood. According to the development scheme, 53 per cent of the land would be redeveloped for homes, 20 per cent of the land would be for new roads and 27 per cent would be for green space, parks and ponds.


40% Agreement Hearing is on Hold

This morning, our lawyers received a request from ClubLink’s counsel for an adjournment, due to the sudden death of a very close friend of ClubLink’s lead counsel.  The hearing was scheduled for Wednesday to Friday this week.  The City of Ottawa consented to the request and we instructed our counsel to do the same.Continue reading

A Virtual Hearing for the 40% Agreement?

In March there was discussion across the parties about the possibility of seeking a teleconference to review timing and possible dates in hopes of avoiding a longer delay in scheduling the hearing.   Our lawyers were consulted and we agreed with the City’s team at Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG).  ClubLink disagreed and opposed it.Continue reading

March eNews – Update on Legal

Our green and open spaces are wonderful remedies for our current situation – isolation and social distancing.
The past week or so has surely reminded us of the importance of our accessible open and greenspaces.  None more so than our 175 acres of shared golf course open space central to so many Kanata North neighbourhoods.

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LPAT should not decide Kanata’s community development values

Ontario’s development seems premised on a bigger, faster, better equals sprawling philosophy.   Climate change among other important reasons has many asking… why?  Are there priorities around development and who sets them?  At what and whose expense does this unfettered development come?

OP-ED by Barbara Ramsay
To be published in Community Voice – Kanata soon
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