eNews – Define camaraderie.  The KGPC Town Hall!

Your message was received loud and clear on Tuesday night at the KGPC Town Hall.   We’re in it to win it.  We’re in it ‘til the end.  We are the top story with CTV news.

Your message was received loud and clear on Tuesday night at the Mlacak Cenre.   We’re in it to win it.  We’re in it ‘til the end.  We are the top story with CTV news.


Thank you to each and every one of the 300 plus who turned out to the Mlacak Centre on Tuesday evening.  Standing room only!   Our supporters roared in response to our incredibly engaged and committed Mayor Mark Sutcliffe.  Councillor Cathy Curry never fails to amaze with her energy, candor and her commitment to keep our greenspace whole.   MP Jenna Sudds was there with her well wishes and Karen McCrimmon, stuck in midnight sessions at Queen’s Park, sent a motivating video message.   It was a packed agenda, a packed room and an incredibly positive vibe and energy.  The spies, were there and, as expected, quiet.

You’ve used your vote well and provided us an entire slate of supportive elected representatives at every level of government.

If you weren’t there on Tuesday night… you really need to grab a cuppa something and watch the video of the Town Hall here.  It will bring the last almost five years into manageable focus.  And remind you that we are better together!

Technology issues (like no wi-fi at Mlacak after dark!) had us scrambling.  But we pulled out the cell phones so you can watch the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition (KGPC) commentary and expert analysis from our lawyer Alyssa Tomkins, partner at Gowlings WLG on why we need to appeal the recent Labrosse decision on the 40% Agreement (40PA). Our special guests were no nonsense as well.   They acknowledge the justice in our campaign of opposition and seem to appreciate the direct but respectful way we’ve managed it.  More important, listen to our Mayor Mark Sutcliffe.  He recognizes that what happens on this issue in Kanata Lakes foretells an ominous future for communities across Ottawa and Ontario.  Please consider Neil Thomson’s request for $1000 per household to protect what you hold dear.  It is perhaps your last chance to defend the 40PA.

Did we get what we want?  Do we have what we need?

The KGPC believes the Labrosse decision must be appealed, and we know that we are the only group to argue the case on severance that was not addressed in his decision.  The crowd at the Town Hall shouted in agreement and we believe you will too after listening to Alyssa Tomkins.  To go forward with the appeal, the KGPC needs to fundraise upwards of $100,000.   Now.
We have a three-prong plan to do that.
Step 1 – our November 28th meeting.
Step 2 – reaching the balance of our supporters through this e-news.
Step 3 – a letter in the coming days to the property owners most proximal to the Kanata Golf Club lands to ensure each of them know that this could well be our last chance to save the 40PA.  We will of course continue our social media campaign.  Further event fundraising may be in the cards in the New Year.

But today, we need your help.  $1,000 per household is significant to all of us, however, it is a small cost to protect against the average loss of $150,000 to most properties in Kanata Lakes if this development goes forward.

We will update you soon on our results in this critical round of fundraising.  Please, send you donation today!  Tomorrow really doesn’t matter.
E-transfers without fees gladly accepted at  donations@ourkanatagreenspace.ca

We’re Better Together!


Chair, Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition
E – chair@ourkanatagreenspace.ca
C –  613.725.4345 ** Note: New Number

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