The Issue

On purchasing the Kanata Golf Club in 1996, ClubLink assumed historic agreements originally developed by the City of Kanata to ensure that the golf course lands remain open space in perpetuity and, that they also be accessible to the surrounding community for other recreational uses.   These agreements were registered against property titles and included in regional Official Plans.

One agreement, known as the 40 Percent Agreement, specified that a minimum of 40 percent of the lands in the original Marchwood – Lakeside area (now Kanata North) were to remain open space and to include an eighteen hole golf course  as well as parks, pathways, walkways and right of ways and other environmental spaces.   The redevelopment of the golf course lands for housing directly contravenes this agreement.

The agreements also require ClubLink to surrender the lands to the City of Ottawa if they do not wish to operate the golf course or cannot find a buyer for the course. ClubLink is not entitled to redevelop the lands on its own initiative but, it is the option of the City of Ottawa to acquire the land in order to protect this open and greenspace for shared community use.

In March 2019, City of Ottawa legal wrote ClubLink and informed the company that should they begin the planning process for redevelopment, it would seek approval to defend the 40 Percent agreement in court.

Our residents are demanding that the City of Ottawa, as a signatory to the Agreements, hold ClubLink true to the original vision for Kanata – an open, green and liveable community by respecting the agreements they have entered into.  We continue to prepare to support the City of Ottawa  in the fight against ClubLink!