PRESS RELEASE: KGPC Supports Fight Against ClubLink

October 8, 2019 – KANATA

The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition is deeply disappointed by today’s announcement from ClubLink, Minto Communities and Richcraft Homes that they have submitted a formal application to the City of Ottawa to redevelop the Kanata Golf and Country Club lands.

Upon purchasing this land in 1996, ClubLink signed on to The 40% Agreement.  In doing so, they agreed to share the use of its 70 plus acres with residents of Kanata forever.  The City of Ottawa informed ClubLink in March that they will pursue a decision in court on this important agreement, should ClubLink make a redevelopment application.  The residents of Kanata Lakes, Beaverbrook and neighbourhoods across Kanata North are vehemently opposed to ClubLinks plan and will continue to aid the City’s ongoing efforts.

KGPC Chair Barbara Ramsay says “ClubLink and its partners Minto and Richcraft have put the ball in play today.  The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition expects the City to quickly move a defence of The 40% Agreement to the courts and call the ball where it lies… out of bounds.”

Ramsay adds, “the KGPC reminds ClubLink that it does have other options.  Unfortunately, the one it has taken today is not in the rule book.  The KGPC will work immediately and aggressively to represent our residents of Kanata North and support the City’s actions to defend The 40% Agreement.”


The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition is a not-for-profit corporation, focused on increasing public awareness about the importance of greenspace preservation.  Our goal is to raise funds and public support for the City of Ottawa efforts to ensure that The 40% Agreement is enforced.


The 40% Agreement is a contract created in 1981 between the City of Kanata and Campeau Corporation, the owner of several undeveloped land parcels in the Kanata North area, one of which is the Kanata Golf and Country Club. The intent of the Agreement is to preserve in perpetuity these green and open spaces, which are to represent a minimum of 40 percent of the physical area of Kanata as well as to stipulate that area residents and their families shall have shared use of these lands.

In December 2018, ClubLink, the current owner of the Kanata Golf and Country Club, announced its intention to partner with Minto and Richcraft to redevelop this golf course land for residential housing.

In May 2019, the City of Ottawa Finance and Economic Development Committee approved funding to initiate a legal defence of the 40% Agreement, should ClubLink file an application for its proposed redevelopment.


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