Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee Creates Not-For-Profit Corporation

The Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee is making big and important changes. We’ve created a not-for-profit corporation to provide our Kanata North community and its residents with a focussed and reliable resource to advocate not only for the protection of our green, open and undeveloped spaces today but also their preservation for the future. We’ve also changed our name to the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition

Not-for-profit incorporation provides our association a formal structure that will improve organization and also assures credibility to partners and supporters through defined processes such as financial audit. In addition, the corporate designation will allow our organization to engage in legal action should the need arise in the future. The corporation is governed by a Board of Directors and Officers, all of whom provide their expertise and time on a voluntary basis.

KGPC Committee Member Peter Chapman said, “Support for the protection of our greenspace is widespread in our community. Many of us chose to live in Kanata because of this greenspace. Sustainable greenspace was the objective of both Bill Teron and Robert Campeau in the original development of Kanata and for that reason was enshrined in contractual agreements which must be upheld.”
The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition will continue to work to increase public awareness about the critical importance of greenspace preservation and to raise funds and public support for the City of Ottawa efforts to ensure that the 40% Agreement is respected.


The 40% Agreement is a contract created in 1981 between the City of Kanata and Campeau Corporation, the owner of several undeveloped land parcels in the Kanata North area, one of which contains the Kanata Golf and Country Club. The intent of the Agreement is to preserve these green and open spaces in perpetuity to a level that minimally represents 40 percent of the land area originally under development and also, to ensure residents have shared access and use of these natural spaces.
In December 2018, ClubLink, the current owner of the Kanata Golf and Country Club, announced its intention to partner with Minto and Richcraft to redevelop its lands for residential housing.

In May 2019, the City of Ottawa Finance and Economic Development Committee approved funding to initiate a legal defence of the 40% Agreement, should ClubLink file an application for its proposed redevelopment.

Contacts: The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition

Barbara Ramsay

Geoff McGowan