Kanata Greenspace Defence Fund

The Kanata Greenspace Defence Fund is a community driven reserve fund purposed to protect and defend the green and open spaces originally incorporated into the award-winning community design of Kanata, Ontario. We support community education and projects that help people understand, appreciate and protect the value of urban greenspace and particularly those many areas in and around Kanata and the City of Ottawa.

Bill Teron originally envisioned the Kanata hamlet as smaller communities of homes and families connected by green and open spaces and supported by walkable pathways and trails. These connecting lands were protected by a unique series of contracts including the 40 Percent Agreement. It mandates that a minimum of 40 percent of Kanata lands are to remain green and open spaces in perpetuity. Almost 30 percent of that open space is contributed by the approximately 178 acres of the Kanata Golf Club that was created by shared use contracts with the City of Kanata (now the City of Ottawa) in the 1980s on behalf of area residents.

Today, urban expansion and housing developers are replacing green and open spaces at an alarming rate. Golf courses are under pressure as a particularly convenient source of accessible land for housing developers. In December 2018 ClubLink, the current owner of the Kanata Golf Club, unilaterally proposed a housing development to replace the green and open lands of the golf course.

The Kanata Greenspace Defence Fund actively raises donations from the community to support greenspace protection. Our first public fundraising and awareness event will be the Spring Lawn Sign Campaign in April 2019. Canvassers will be door to door across the Beaverbrook and Kanata Lakes communities driving lawn sign sales and community support for the cause.

The fund was conceived as the KLGC Defence Fund in December 2018 by a small group of concerned residents when ClubLink initially announced its golf course development intentions. It is now managed by the volunteer board of the Kanata Greenspace Steering Committee.