eNews: Celebrate Earth Week and a Hearing Date

The 40% Agreement Appeal now has a hearing and a date of October 2, 2024.  ClubLink and the KGPC have 60 days (late May) to submit written submissions with ONCA.  We’ll share those documents with you when they are filed.

To start the celebration, our weather has delivered the warmer spring temperatures we’ve been waiting for, bringing on some welcome spring greenness in the process.  The mild winter surely did deliver a snapshot of the expanding impact of global warming.  Warm winters bring winter melts and unpredictable spring runoff.  Predictions then run high for summer droughts and wildfires as we are currently hearing from western Canada and our Prairie breadbasket.  And the vicious cycle continues with higher food costs and environmental disaster manifesting in our daily lives.

That’s why Earth Day matters.  It reminds us to stop and think about the best choices we can make every day to protect our lifeblood… our planet.  We truly hope that you believe that the Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition (KGPC) is one of those good choices.  Your support for our efforts helps ensure our community remains green, healthy, and sustainable.  It is an investment worthy of Earth Day.

It is also a statement on what we need to do and not do around development policy and environmental impacts and the way we grow and expand our communities.  In the end, it is those policies and their implementation that will make the difference.   You add your voice by financially supporting organizations like the KGPC and the work we do.  And of course, continuing to exercise your vote to elect representatives that will write the policy the Earth needs.  It’s a big circle and it really matters.   So, let’s get you updated on what we’ve been doing and supporting in Spring 2024!

40% Agreement Appeal now has a hearing and a date

The City’s appeal submission was received and accepted by the Ontario Court of Appeal (ONCA) in late March.  This filing started the appeal process.  ONCA has responded this week by scheduling an appeal hearing for October 2, 2024.  ClubLink and the KGPC have 60 days (late May) to submit written submissions with ONCA.  We’ll share those documents with you when they are filed.

Hearing scheduling also requires the parties to approximate their time requirements for oral submissions.  Conservative time requests, half day hearings for example, are expected to assist and improve court efficiency.  Difficulties and issues that arise in the interim can be addressed via an Appeal Management Conference (AMC) with the ONCA executive officer.   Unfortunately, we have had one develop.

Over past months, the parties have been unable to agree on the appropriate sharing of a proposed half day time allotment.  The KGPC, as an intervening party, was to receive only 10 minutes for oral argument, a situation deemed unworkable.  The city agreed to support the KGPC’s pursuit of additional time by requesting an AMC and a longer hearing.  The AMC, including all parties should be scheduled in the coming month(s) to determine the appropriate solution.

We want to thank Councillor Cathy Curry and the Mayor’s team and City legal staff for working with the KGPC to address the timing inadequacy and help us move towards resolution.  We also send our gratitude to both Alyssa Tomkins at Gowlings and Charles Daoust at David | Sauve.  They continue at the top of their game, diligently and efficiently ensuring our supporters get the representation our perspective deserves.  We are grateful they are with us!

Improving Stormwater (SWM) Flood Protection Standards

We suspect Karen McCrimmon, our Kanata-Carleton MPP had all Ontario taxpayers and residents as well as Earth Day on her mind when she tabled her private member’s  Bill 168, Stormwater Flood Prevention Act, 2024 over the winter at Queen’s Park.  The bill requires the publishing of a Government Manual (there is a draft version which the Ford government shelved after circulating for consultation in January 2022) which would provide technical and procedural guidance for SWM design, and practices related to compliance approvals under Ontario Water Resources Act.   Among other benefits it would ensure updated stormwater standards are in place for Ontario municipalities (current laws date back to 2003 and 2008) as well as mandating reviews on a 10-year cycle to respond to changing trends and pressures.

It’s a common-sense solution to a really important issue for geographic areas that rely on natural SWM infrastructure significantly or even partially for protection.  Ours is a case in point.  The entire Mississippi River watershed passes along if not through some parts of the communities in Kanata, Stittsville and West Carleton as it drains to the Ottawa River near Fitzroy Harbour.  This bill would set minimum design and functioning standards for our urban centres, but also smaller upstream municipalities or rural townships who do not have the tax base to fund the costs of continual SWM engineering and redesign studies with every development application.

Unfortunately, while it passed first reading, it was voted down at second reading on March 26 led by a Conservative majority.  MPP McCrimmon is hopeful that while the Bill is dead for this legislative session, it could be resurrected in the future.  Want more on this issue?  Read  Nevil Hunt’s article “MPP trying to update stormwater standards”, Kanata North Your Community Voice, March 21, 2024.  SWM is a big issue for us.   No kidding you say!  Here’s a great and convenient opportunity to ask questions on the issue of SWM and specifically  our Carp River Floodplain through the great work of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA), our partner in stormwater risk management, resource conservation and stewardship.  They are hosting this Open House to provide their Floodplain Mapping Update.

Much more content on the MVCA website.   Mark your calendar.  See you there!

The city and golf course lands redevelopment… where does it end?

Supporters have been calling regarding an April 6th Superior Court decision mandating a 120-day mediation between Cedarhill Golf Enterprises (CGE), the owners of Cedarhill Golf Club and the City of Ottawa over the operation of the Barrhaven golf course (GC).  We spent a little time looking at the situation and offer up this comparison on our website.  There appear to be differences in the complexity of the two situations to be sure.  Both communities will have to continue to be involved and stay connected with the city and especially their elected Councillors to ensure they have the best chance at the proper resolution moving forward.

Chip In for Greenspace…

The Board of the KGPC along with Geoff McGowan and Jen Fyfe our stalwart ‘Chip In’ Chairpersons have decided to put our annual May golf tournament on hold this year.  As you know, our fundraising efforts at our November Town Hall met all our short-term financial needs and expectations.  We are truly grateful for your generous and reliable financial support over the past 4 years.  We continue our volunteer work in respect of your resources, and we know that there are many other admirable causes in Kanata North that would benefit from your donations.  We encourage you to consider supporting them this year.

Thank you from all of us at the KGPC.
Stay patient.  Enjoy the warmth and our greenspace however you can!

We’re better together!


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