Virtual Hearing for the 40% Agreement is a GO!

The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition is pleased that the virtual hearing on the 40% Agreement will begin in July. Justice Labrosse informed us today, that he’s committing to a 3-day hearing, saying “that the matter has been set down to proceed from July 8th – 10th.”  The KGPC continues to support the City of Ottawa’s fight against ClubLink, Richcraft Homes and Minto Communities to defend the Kanata Golf Club lands from redevelopment.  Our lawyers will augment and expand upon the City’s arguments, standing up for the thousands of residents who are passionate about saving our 175 acres of green and open space.

Since we cannot “pack the courtroom”, it’s imperative to us that our community is heard and has access to the hearing.  We understand that the court is working to ensure that live-streaming will be available.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to shine a light on the benefits of urban greenspace for mental and physical health.  Every day, we see more and more science-based studies on the importance of green spaces in cities.  Whether it’s improved air quality, stress relief or the promotion of physical activity for all ages.  In Kanata North, we cherish our paths, trails, parks and open space.  We couldn’t be more pleased to see our case proceed during these unusual times.

KGPC Chair Barbara Ramsay and President Geoff McGowan are available for comment.

KGPC Background:

The 40% Agreement is a contract created in 1981 between the City of Kanata and Campeau Corporation, the owner of several undeveloped land parcels in the Kanata North area, one of which is the Kanata Golf Club. The intent of the Agreement is to preserve in perpetuity these green and open spaces, which are to represent a minimum of 40 percent of the physical area of Kanata as well as to stipulate that area residents and their families shall have shared use of these lands.

In December 2018, ClubLink, the current owner of the Kanata Golf Club, announced its intention to partner with Minto Communities and Richcraft Homes to redevelop this golf course land for residential housing.  In May 2019, the City of Ottawa Finance and Economic Development Committee approved funding to initiate a legal defence of the 40% Agreement.

About: The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition is a not-for-profit corporation, focused on increasing public awareness about the importance of greenspace preservation.  Our goal is to raise funds and public support for the City of Ottawa efforts to ensure that the 40% Agreement is enforced.


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