Make a Difference Campaign

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Update: Where does our We’re MAD (We’re Making a Difference) Campaign stand?

We launched the campaign in November 2019 with a goal of $185,000 in response to the ramping up of ClubLink’s KGC redevelopment plan with its October delivery of a development application to the City. Our intent was to set an achievable fundraising goal that would meet identifiable targets while positioning us favourably to address unforeseen financial needs that our opponents may create as they press forward.

The first target was a short term plan to join and strengthen the City’s newly launched legal action to defend the 40PA in court. The 40PA hearing finally occurred in July and the Coalition believes our legal team was successful in making valuable additive arguments to the City’s 40PA position and novel inroads against ClubLink’s defensive arguments on perpetuity. As we know, the final decision of the court still lies ahead.

A second long term target was the funding of our opposition to a ClubLink appeal action to the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT) which ClubLink launched in February, as expected. This is a long, expensive process with the majority of the funds required closer to the actual hearing date, not expected until 2022. In the nearer term, however, there will be legal and planning preparation costs required which is why we have identified this target early. Other targets will be identified and follow in due course.

Here is where the We’re MAD Campaign balance is at present.


Nov 6, 2019 We’re MAD Campaign Launch   $  185,000
Dec 31, 2019 November – December Surplus to MAD -$ 44,000
Jun 30, 2020 January – June Surplus  to MAD -$ 65,400
We’re MAD Campaign Balance    $ 75,600
Jul 30, 2020 Campaign Expenses (New) +$  59,500
We’re MAD Campaign -New Goal  $ 135,100

By June 30,2020, we had very successfully reduced the outstanding campaign balance to $75,600 with the contribution of our net earnings (surpluses) from the November-December 2019 and January-June 2020 periods of  $44,000 and $65,400 respectively.  Since then, we have identified additional expenses related to the 40 PA hearing including research and costs required for a third hearing day as well as additional planning fees to assess the new ClubLink resubmission received by the City in July.

The Coalition is thrilled to report that by July, our We’re MAD Campaign goal was reduced by $50,000 or 27%.  This is a phenomenal statement on both our community’s generosity and commitment!  We believe it shows that we can develop the strategies and raise the funds necessary to put down this clearly unwarranted and opportunistic attack by ClubLink against our community.

You can Make a Difference by making a contribution through our GoFundMe page or by cheque.